Uaimh - The Cave

The Cave is a conglomerate of undulating layers made from sculpted OSB sheet that invites curiosity and interaction. Recalling both the geological and the cultural context of the glen. Constructed for Mhor Micro a project celebrating young design talent with a series of micro scale buildings exhibited at Mhor Festival, on the grounds of the Monachyle Mhor Hotel.


We were invited to develop proposals for an installation using a set amount of allocated materials – everything we designed we would have to construct ourselves from a restrictive list: C16 timber and / or sheets of OSB. After visiting the site, my partner and I matured our initial responses and prepared a final design for submission, which was later later selected for construction.


The design & build involved laminating 120 sheets of OSB, hand-routed with a unique pattern which created an inviting sculpture in which to enjoy moments of contemplation in spectacular surroundings. We carried out the fabrication with a team of six over a week of intensive labor and creative problem solving.

Winner of the Glasgow Institute of Architects Award for Best Small Works Project

Special thanks to Mhor Micro & Monachyle Mhor Hotel!

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