Sensee is a fun and functional children’s backpack, designed to benefit students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.


As the number of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) grows each year, so to does the number of students. Many public schools today utilize inclusive educational programs, though not all are aptly equipped.


This backpack adopts and further develops existing tools used by ASD students and parents to reduce stress and fidgeting, such as pressure vests and sensory toys. Sensee encourages focus, while providing comfort and security. Tactile sensation is important for ASD learners, the interactions with the bag provide fun push, pull, grab.

Large single compartment for school books

Padded waist strap with weights

Stretch tight neoprene straps

4 Injection molded Sensee Pads

Central bespoke clasping system creates the sensation of being held

Detachable hard plastic containers for lunch or storage

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